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Manners and Obedience

We employ training methods that are the least intrusive, minimally aversive (LIMA). This provides for a more communicative, collaborative, and happier relationship for both dog and handler. Our aim is to improve the socialization skills and basic manners of dogs of all ages. We focus on building confidence and strengthening the communication and cooperation between you and your dog as a team through positive reinforcement, using both cued behaviors and captured/shaped behaviors. Behaviors we work on include Recall, Polite Greetings, Stay, Wait, Leave It, and more! We will cater the specific behaviors to what you and your dog want/need to learn. We will also work towards improved impulse control, focusing on keeping the dog's attention and focus with a variety of impulse control exercises. We will incorporate socialization exercises to help dogs generalize calm behavior around a variety of distractions. We work on basic manners by introducing behaviors and exercises that we can apply in useful ways in everyday life. We will also help develop your knowledge about your dog’s body language and how changes of environment influence training. We will provide you with ways to teach your dog good boundaries and how to develop self-discipline in social settings and in the face of distractions, such as competing interests in the environment. As the handler, you will learn new skills to keep your dog's attention even in more challenging situations.