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K9 Nose Work™

Jamie is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and is happy to work with dogs of any level -- from those who are just being introduced to Nose Work to those who are already competing. Nose Work increases dogs’ independence, hunt drive, and confidence, and encourages them to explore and problem solve on their own. In our introductory course, we will build the foundation for you and your dog to get familiar with the game of searching for food using NACSW protocol. We will work on primary (food) for at least 12 weeks, ensuring independence and confidence in each of NACSW's four venues. At this point, we will consider whether dogs are ready to be put on odor. For advanced Nose Work teams, we work on the continual development of you and your dog as a team. In addition to working on your handling skills, we will challenge your dog’s problem solving skills with more advanced set-ups. If you are seeking competition practice, we will help you prepare for ORTs and other trials.