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In-Home Services

Sessions are 1-on-1 or small group
Location: your home, Dog Daze & Crate Escapes (314 N Broad St, Doylestown, PA 18901), or an outdoor location.
New clients: Please fill out contact form before purchasing sessions

K9 Nose Work™

Nose Work is a canine sport and activity in which dogs learn to rely on their incredible sense of smell to hunt. It is not about obedience or routines! It is meant to be fun, and to provide our dogs with the opportunity to be in control and do what comes naturally to them. We offer introductory to advanced courses.

Manners and Obedience

Our philosophy is rooted in positive reinforcement training. This means that when it comes to manners and obedience, we want to help our dogs learn what we want them to do, rather than telling them what we don't want them to do. We promote cooperation instead of force, communication instead of coersion.  

Leash Management

We specialize in providing you with skills and best practices to help you and your dog to have more enjoyable walks together. We work on leash handling, loose leash exercises, and strategies to cope with challenges such as pulling and reactivity. Walks should be a fun dance between dog and handler; it shouldn't be work!

Behavior and Enrichment

Enrichment creates an environment that is stimulating for your dog. It builds your dog's confidence and problem-solving skills and can help redirect them from engaging in undesired behaviors. Enrichment games benefit any type of dog, from those with endless energy to those who are cautious about the world. 


While our prices reflect the market rate, we believe that all dog owners should have access to effective, humane dog training. Our goal is to help as many owners and dogs as possible to reach their training objectives. Therefore, if you want to train with us but feel that the expense of our services will be too burdensome, please get in touch anyway. will do our best to provide a solution that fits your budget. 


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60-minute session


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30-minute session


Individual session

60 minute session


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4-Pack of 30-minute sessions


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4-Pack of 60-minute sessions